Water Reservoirs

service provider for repair concrete and steel structured water reservoirs

Water Reservoirs

repair-of-water-reservoirsAre you searching for the leaders for your overhead water reservoir who are apt service provider for concrete and steel structure repair in Mumbai or in India?

How do you know whether your overhead water reservoir structure needs a repair?  You might have observed severe leakage in the container or wide cracks in the concrete, or settlement of framed structures supporting your water reservoir structures or structural damage or large scale corrosion of the reinforcing bars or structural steel supporting the overhead water reservoir structures or other problems like settlement of foundation or tilting of the water reservoir etc.

We at Struct-Mast Engineers execute works offering solutions to all above problems of your by restorations of the concrete and structural steel that is essential to ensure the stability of the water reservoir structures and foundations.  We are specialist contractors who take apt care of very vital point namely safety of those who are affected by the use.

For your dogging problems please write to us learn why it’s important to repair overhead water reservoir structure immediately and how better you can find a professional service from us to repair and restore both the steel and concrete members of your overhead water reservoir in Mumbai and in India. We will guide you and as a responsible and successful service provider for a free assessment of the desired and most sought repairs.

More importantly, please keep it in mind that you have an obligation to keep attendees safe with routine inspections and structural rehabilitation when necessary.

What To Expect from Us as overhead water reservoir repair Service Provider?

  • Our expert and well experienced engineers can look at the structural members during his inspection to find out and make a list of imperfections and damaged structural members that threaten the structural integrity. By catching these issues early, you are likely to benefit as we can remedy them before they become larger and more costly.
  • After having your structure inspected, we can help you decide the best course of action for the structural repairs including strengthening, underpinning of foundations and other varied works.
  • In severe cases certain parts of the structure may have to be replaced to ensure full performance of the structural elements. If there’s only a small amount of damage observed, a solution as simple as a routine maintenance will fix the problem.

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