Suspended Moving Platform

To apply renderings with ease and workmanship next to perfection

Suspended Moving Platform

Struct-Mast Engineers’ vision is to continue to be the true leader to undertake major repairs works of towers, masts, Silos, Chimneys with their own tailor made access system with safety and creating working conditions to apply renderings with ease and workmanship next to perfection. Through leadership in innovation, getting the work done with sustainability and with quicker progress. Struct-Mast Engineers helps customers of Industry to maintain their silos, bins, chimneys and other tall towers, or for customers in commercial sector to maintain their office buildings located in towers or residential complex consist of high-rise and to enhance the durability in more ways than does any other company that to in demanding condition. Struct-Mast Engineers conceptualized, developed and used suspended moving platforms in their works since 1989 onward and has given us an edge over others and one up in the race of supremacy for such major repairs.   Clients of repute for whom we have used the platforms will vouch for their convenience once the moving suspended platform was employed on their job.  If you need any more details, please do not hesitate and write to us which will receive prompt attention from us.

The suspended moving platforms are designed to provide safe working positions at all elevations of the building, ease with which work can be executed, inspected and supervised.   To eliminate fall exposures, scaffolds have peculiar features built-in like handrails, mid-rails, and decking.  Specially caters for speedy works, augments safety culture and efficient material handling, trouble free access to the workforce, theft free, dust free, noise free thus proving environmental friendly.  However, carrying capacity of floor as existing condition is checked.

One need to check in near neighborhood for overhead hazardous energy sources such as electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, thermal, and chemical.

The usage of platforms:

  • Decorating, construction of walls for building and repairs to marine structures
  • Repairs to external facade of high rise buildings, repairs to silos and bins
  • Welding works, paintings to the external faced to high rise buildings.

We have the scale and resources to deliver outstanding support with well-established operations to our Clients in India. We provide optimal solutions for asset owners with best we can deliver to them.

We execute always with grace and neat. Our users’ friendly approach and intelligent execution varied strengthening measures including under-pinning and retrofitting have proved invaluable.

Why we are able to exhibit that what we execute everything is accurate right in first effort and to the advantage of our beloved Clients is solely due to use of Suspended moving platforms on the job.


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