Specialized Engineering Works

Solution for the leakage, Concrete or plasters chunks falling down, large cracks in building structures

Specialized Engineering Works

If you are facing most difficult problems in your building or Industrial of commercial structures related to performance of the building?  You are at right place to inquire and seek solutions.  For the leakage, Concrete or plasters chunks falling down, large cracks disturbing you or you observe corrosion of bars in your building structures it is very easy for us to maintain your structures refer our web page “Major repairs”

If the problem what you are facing related to foundation sinking, you find the structural member loosing it capacity needing apt strengthening, restorations or retrofitting we would assure you of being in right hand when you deal with us.

If your problem is related to modifications / alterations / restorations or strengthening of structural members like foundations, machine foundations, framing members please go through this page to know how we deal with your problem like true expert.  We assure you that you will find our well experienced team has solutions for all your worries.  You will be satisfied with us to have an ultimate one stop safe, eco-friendly and durable solution for all your problem and we will ensure that none of your above problems will halt your growth or is hindrance for your success, please let us know, we will love to share our expertise and will partner you for all you achieve with ease. The BEST is now easy to choose.

We empower our clients.  They invest in the future while being aware of the need to build people and society. Purpose and values—not the widgets made are at the core of an organization’s identity, and they can guide people in their efforts to find new widgets that serve society.

Our service range includes:

  • Mitigate impact on existing foundation
  • Anti-corrosive treatment
  • Apt measures to transfer proper load between existing and any addition therein
  • Design measures and principles of strength of material compatibility checks
  • Soil nailing
  • Geo-techniques
  • Rock anchors
  • Restorations
  • Strengthening
  • Retrofitting

We travel beyond the contract to help our beloved Clients to provide purpose and meaning to their complex issues. Our motto is to bring back the glory of the structures when worked upon as it was earlier.

Our flexible approach and diversity of works being executed in civil engineering sector under single umbrella cover of Struct-Mast Engineers is to provide coherence amidst diversity.

Our passion to resolve problems is driven by taking journey of creativity and innovation by engineers to create bold solutions for our clients. We inspire them to use apt skills to stretch their imagination.


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