Silos & Bins

Mastered construction of R. C. C. silos 

Silos & Bins

Struct-Mast Engineers have mastered construction of R. C. C. silos vertical slip forming, continuous poured, continuously formed, or slip-form construction is a construction method in which concrete is poured into a continuously moving form.  Slip-forming enables continuous, non-interrupted, cast-in-place with no joints at cross section of the concrete structure.

Our expertise the clients realizes in:

  • Careful planning of construction process to achieve high production rates
  • Slip form does not require the crane to move upwards, minimizing crane use.
  • Since the form-work operates independently, formation of the core in advance of the rest of the structure takes it off the critical path – enhancing main structure stability.
  • Availability of the different working platforms in the form-work system allows the exposed concrete at the bottom of the rising form-work to be finished, making it an integral part of the construction process.
  • Certain form-work systems permit construction of tapered cores and towers.
  • Slip form systems require a small but highly skilled workforce on site.

We vouch for safe measures:

  • Working platforms, guard rails, ladders and wind shields are normally built into the completed system.
  • Less congested construction site due to minimal scaffolding and temporary works.
  • Completed form-work assembly is robust.
  • Strength of concrete in the wall below is closely controlled to achieve stability during operation.
  • Site operatives are informed as well as trained to make them familiar with health and safety aspects of their job
  • High levels of planning and control mean that health and safety are normally addressed from the beginning of the work.

What is our client’s gain?

  • SLIPFORM saves investment
  • SLIPFORM saves time
  • SLIPFORM saves labour
  • SLIPFORM is safe to operate and use

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