Sanitation, Drainage And Plumbing Works

offering plumbing, sanitation and drainage works since 1983

Sanitation, Drainage and Plumbing Works

There are several service providers offering plumbing, sanitation and drainage works. There are several rivals among many others claims to offer best of the technology works. Trusted Struct-Mast Engineers assures the Clients since 1983 on wards that we can ensure a better transparency as well as a better workmanship.  We have proved our worth by adopting most advance technology taking care of earth-friendly systems, technological novelties and unique conservation methods.

Struct-Mast Engineers can provide you with the biggest trends in the plumbing industry if you are upgrading the existing plumbing or working on brand-new construction.  We can design Grey-water system for you.  The system is designed to collect waste water from your home say from sinks, washing machines or showers…and using it for other purposes, such as flushing the toilet. This form of earth-friendly plumbing requires a significant amount of expertise to install, but the savings can really add up. Rainwater collection known as Rainwater harvesting is yet another method of re-purposing water which we can provide you.

We offer following for your home:

  • Conventional CI and GI pipes:  It has strength and ability to withstand high pressures.
  • Conventional copper pipe plumbing: Pipes are durable, has natural ability to resist the growth of bacteria that ensures your water supply is clean and safe to use.
  • CPVC pipes for indoor application: These pipes are inert, stable material, resist corrosion, cost effective.
  • UPVC pipes for external and internal drainage:    These pipes are inert, stable material, resist corrosion, cost effective but brittle.
  • Luxury plumbing:  Luxuries can, of course, simply make your everyday activities much more attractive.

Our expert team revolves around to use industrial waste, minimize wastage and construct durable which combines health, environmental, and climate benefits for future generation with help of modern technology..

We evolve construction scheme to cut weakness of building to add protection of the homes from attracting seepage and leakage by shielding the damaged and weak walls &reduce embarrassment.

Our action aids in building a competitive advantage and empower our Clients by offering apt systems and products. We deal to rally the efficiency, safety and quality at every stage of the assigned work.


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