Rock Anchors

Three decades of active pursuit in rock anchoring works

Rock Anchors



For three decades of active pursuit in rock anchoring works, Struct-Mast Engineers has consolidated own expertise and installed number of rock anchors.  The acquired knowledge and experience enables Struct-Mast Engineers to design, tests, produced types of anchors, technologies and equipment which have a wide application to safeguarded the Clients’ interest by providing our Clients with apt solutions in Rock anchoring works.  Struct-Mast Engineers performs Rock anchors works to provide economical solutions to curb uplift of raft for building basement, retaining walls or to improve retention of soil layers for the Clients to improve stability and constructing retaining walls or raft which has very deep basement.  We use steel tendons or steel reinforcing bars which are given designated tension to resist vertical uplift or lateral tension. The tendons or reinforcing bars are anchored in to rock as specified.  Our technique is used for dams, retaining walls, provides tie back for bridges and stabilization of slopes.

Why us:

  • Our equipment are compact can be accommodated in congested areas or areas with low heights.
  • We are flexible to modify the techniques to suit the Clients’ design and purpose.
  • Our techniques curb the noise pollution.
  • Our techniques do not harm adjacent structures.

We offer following types of Rock Anchors:

  • Incline Prestressed Anchors
  • Inclined Passive Anchors
  • Vertical Prestressed Anchors
  • Vertical Passive Anchors

We are different as we are practical to help our Customers for the type of projects, size of projects and budget we have the expertise and knowledge to help you grow and support your business.

We provide extensive pre-construction and solution building capabilities, with condition surveys and assessments, non-destructive evaluation to assess corrosion damage and feasibility analysis.

Why we are able to exhibit that what we execute everything is accurate right in first effort and to the advantage of our beloved Clients is solely due to use of Suspended moving platforms on the job.

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