Residential Buildings

Experienced and expert in repairs of residential building

Residential Buildings

Journey of Struct-Mast Engineers began about 35 years ago and has been involved in a variety of projects that includes repairs to Residential building. Now with the various projects in hand, our workforce strength swell to as many as 400.  We have a team of experienced experts who can address all aspects of an exterior assignment, from initial survey to interpretation of defects right up to the final restoration. Jayant Sheth who is team leader and having studied civil engineering and specialization in structure from IIT (Bombay) with this educational background has assisted him in developing and expanding his business.

We associate and work closely with Structural Engineers, Geo-technical Engineers, architects, research scholars of material science and many others to remain up to date in the repair field so that we can serve the Clients in the best interest.

Our scope of the work and varied techniques adopted by us is mot limiting to following areas:

  • Anti-corrosive treatment
  • Rendering with polymer modified mortars, epoxy mortars, micro-concrete grout
  • Brick masonry and various types of plasters
  • Pergolas Jacketing with concrete
  • Underpinning
  • Painting
  • Waterproofing
  • Plumbing & Sanitation
  • Interior works, Painting, coatings
  • Decorative False floors, false ceilings
  • Special purpose floors, wall linings
  • Doors, Windows and joiners
  • HVAC

Strengthening, fiber wrap, flinching with steel sections

It is mandatory for an owner to conduct repairs to dilapidated building structures and to plan and carry out long-term improvements in the condition of the building to restore the strength and performance.

Looking after our clients properly, including keeping an eye on the quality and the fine details, are more important to us then growing the company larger than it currently is. We won’t have growth for growth’s sake alone.

We have carried out several prestigious projects. Considering India’s key challenges as a fast-developing economy today, the repair industry is undeniably a key solution provider – we are enhancing safety and reducing wastage through various ways. We are developing energy-efficient and cost-effective materials for affordable housing using construction chemicals. We are enhancing the durability of structures and increasing the strengths of concrete using industrial by-products, improving access to work place, multiplying effectiveness of alternate energy resources to save mother earth and constructing eco-friendly structures and battling poverty.

Our expert team and our endeavor to offer tailor made solutions are results of our skill in developing innovative concepts for our Clients to successful accomplishment of works in cost effectively.

We execute always with grace and neat.Our users’ friendly approach and intelligent execution varied strengthening measures including under-pinning and retrofitting have proved invaluable.

We exhibit that what we execute everything is accurate right in first effort and to the advantage of our beloved Clients. Our goal is to achieve zero incident and zero accident to promote safety.


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