Quality Policy

An established Quality Management System

Quality Policy

The policy of STRUCT-MAST ENGINEERS is to conduct our construction business through an established Quality Management System, which aims to achieve customer satisfaction by providing goods and services to the stated expectation of our customers and in the process improve company’s competencies and competitiveness.

We shall achieve this through continual improvement of our business process and effective human resources management. We value training and sharing information at all levels within the organization. 


We encourage a system termed as QA/QC that involves the joint but independent efforts of us & the Owner to achieve the level of quality desired by the user and established in the project specifications. We do institute a quality assurance system to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the Contract.


Each of measurements/deviations are documented as CHECK LIST. The documents for quality auditing and regulation of the same are a part of Quality Assurance. QA function is to verify that the QC function is being adequately performed and ensure that the results of each completed task comply with the specifications and design requirements.

Testing of raw material, inspection of surface preparations, provision of safe approaches & working conditions, checks while work is in progress and checks and after care of the work is part of quality control.


  • Enhancement of Customer satisfaction
  • Timely completion of Project
  • Effective planning and monitoring system
  • Effective human resource management
  • Optimum utilization of Resources
  • Ensuring safe working conditions
  • Working of radical method of statement to transform the results

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