Pump for Micro-Concrete

Developed Micro-concrete pump for maximum utility

Pump for Micro-Concrete

Struct-Mast Engineers’ endeavor to innovate and their continuous effort was conceptualized and the engineers developed Micro-concrete pump for maximum utility, proves we are undoubted leader to undertake major repairs in congested areas wherein we have an edge over other competitors.  Our Micro-concrete pump an innovative technologies changing the restoration and repair construction sector. When equipped with the right technology, we have been able to work safely and more efficiently. Discover the power of Micro-concrete pump. A simple machine to change the scenario of restoring damaged RCC member which remains inaccessible & there are number of ways to get involved. We introduced micro-concrete pump for you to forge path forward, testing the limits of new technology, proving solutions that deliver value and dispensing those that they do not.  This pump is portable and easy to install, operate and maintain.  We can supply pump that suits variable flow rates, variable discharge pressure can handle cement grout and bit mastic grout.  The construction of pump is so designed to suppress sound and to reduce mechanical noise.

Micro-concrete is best suited rendering material which will be used extensively to restore and strengthen the damaged RCC member provided it can be placed in location with ease.  The micro-concrete pump has been designed aptly to perform this task as its working principle is deceivingly simple.

Micro-concrete pump is an extremely resourceful engineering tool to pump abrasive and viscous material explicitly micro-concrete as destined for progressive flow.  The pump is designed distinctively to preserves the original structure and surface of the micro-concrete being pumped.

We are committed to achieve complete customer satisfaction with excellence in service quality and support. We maintain essential stock of all critical spare parts to meet any spares requirements.

We provide best pumping solutions with global benchmarks in Health, Safety and Environmental considerations to achieve Zero accident, Zero liquid discharge and Zero carbon foot print.

We empower the workforce to offer products and services that exceeds customer expectations by providing value for money. We excel in our job and execute the job accurately right first time.


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