Piling Works

Cast-in-situ piles, pre-cast pre-bored piles, small diameter piles and under-rimmed piles

Piling Works

Struct-Mast Engineers is a premier company and has an expertise in undertaking Cast-in-Situ piles, Pre-cast Pre-bored piles, Small diameter piles and under-rimmed piles along with other civil works to offer our Clients various civil engineering works under one roof.  We have successfully completed the piling works for commercial projects, residential complex, Industrial structures, marine structures namely jetties and Warf in and around Mumbai since thirty five years.

We undertake following category of piles:

Rotary piles are advance techniques we undertake up to diameter of 1200mm.

Bored cast in situ piles are conventional piles we undertake up to 900mm diameter.

Small diameter piles we undertake manly to strengthen the existing foundations of the building up to 300mm diameter.  Underpinning is necessary for quite a few reasons and most primary reasons are

  • Original foundation is weak or not stable enough,
  • The load on the existing structures have increased needing strengthening of beams, columns and foundation,
  • Soil supporting the foundation have detected subsidence,
  • The addition of one more foundation offering additional load through founding strata.

Our expert team retrofit load bearing structure by interconnecting each element well and securing with walls and roof is modified by introducing element which imparts diaphragm action.

We evolve system to cut vulnerability of structure to reduce the undue hardship and losses that the people may suffer and the economic losses that the country may face when a major earthquake strikes.

Our action to propagate retrofitting and restoration business like a true leader where we design our all action plans to improve the efficiency, safety and quality in each repairs and protection activities.


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