Modification of Foundation and Structural System

Innovative approach to minimize cost of shut downs while modifying existing foundations

Modification of Foundation and Structural System

In many situations designers are faced with the problem of a building addition that requires new systems with an objective is to minimize cost of shut downs and feeble impact on the cost structure of modifying existing foundations or structural system.  With our innovative approach right from conceptualization to design and then executing the work which will reduce the impact on cost but desired performance is derived by minimizing altering the substructure support system or by altering the design to accommodate new foundation which we have attended as Struct-Mast Engineers successfully for number of projects and our Clients will vouch for us.

We have mastered to employ number of simple but apt methods and high-tech technology by adopting several of the alternatives such as cantilevered grade beam systems supported by caissons, or the utilization of cantilevered beams in the superstructure, allow designers to setback the new column line from the existing foundations. The setback minimizes the effects on the existing foundations. The alternatives are usually explored fairly quickly and are precipitated by the desire to avoid a complicated and, perhaps, expensive analysis/design effort that may involve underpinning of the existing foundation.

In some cases, alternatives are limited, and utilization of existing foundations, with appropriate modifications, is the only reasonable approach. Modifications of the existing footing to ensure that the allowable soil bearing capacity is not exceeded and that proper load transfer occurs between the existing foundation and additions thereto are critical to this approach. The analysis effort is heavily dependent on the utilization of current computer technology to quickly ascertain the load effects on existing foundations due to the new building columns. We have best of the Engineering analysis software are used by us to quickly determine the modifications that are required to accommodate the new column loads. During a recent design/analysis effort, current engineering analysis software was employed to ascertain the effects of new column loads on existing foundations. The analysis led to design modifications that allowed the new columns to be placed in close proximity to the existing building columns and placed directly onto existing foundations. The design/analysis process consisted of many important steps that ranged from establishing confidence in the computer model to final design modifications based on stress contour plots and basic strength of materials principles.

We alter innovative perceptions into powerful solutions of modifying foundation and structural systems. Expertise and team play are the components of our successful achievement in the works

We execute always with grace and perfection which our Clients desires.Our flexible approach and expertise allow us to undertake works of modification, strengthening and retrofitting works.

We exhibit that what our competitors will not dare to venture there we execute everything is correct first time to the advantage of our beloved Clients. We accept no compromise on safety.


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