Marine Structures

Excel in providing repairs, strengthening and restoration works of Marine structures

Marine Structures

The Clients are at times baffled to take a decision to repair their marine structures because firstly to avoid any mishap of structural member of the marine structures which has potential to stop the operation of the entire plant as the marine structures are housing critical and vital services which are needed to run their show on day to day basis and secondly the environmental compulsions, stringent Governmental rules and regulations to reconstruct the marine structures being very stringent and the high cost of replacement favored no option but to repair and rehabilitate the marine structures.

In order to provide a leadership and visibility into the future demand for repairs, strengthening and restoration works of Marine structures, Struct-Mast Engineers has initiated its surveys team of engineers experts in marine structural repairs to adopt latest technology to assess and identify as well as prepare specifications how to render the marine structures to the advantage of the Clients.

Solutions for Marine structure:

Marine environment and wrath inflicted by cyclones create deterioration and protection challenges for marine structures and combined with the needed attention to safety and minimizing downtime, marine repair projects demand contractors experienced and proven in their ability to work in marine environment.We have carried out several prestigious projects of major repairs of marine structures.If you desire to get more details about our clients please contact us which will get prompt attention from us. To control dust pollution and to prevent debris falling into marine environment and not to disturb marine life in compliance of to offer repair works more sustainable and to reduce carbon foot print we rigorously devoted ourselves to change in culture and mind-set about structural strengthening, prolonging life and useful performance of existing structures which has proved valuable in the repair sector of civil engineering.  The feat is achieved by efficiency improvements at every stage of work, lowering the wastage, using apt technologies with plant upgrades and modifications necessary to implement these technologies.  To make restoration works environmental friendly we control dust escaping to atmosphere using proprietary tailor made access systems to approach the building facade. Struct-Mast Engineers always insist on use of environmental friendly paint and other coatings do not emit hazardous vapors, we select construction chemicals which augments reduction in cement consumption and use cement substitutes without losing the strength and durability of the rendered surface etc. Our Clients will vouch for us for completion of various projects which have been credited for their quality execution, matching progress and safety adherence.

Our expert team and our endeavor to offer tailor made solutions are results of our skill in developing innovative concepts for our Clients to successful accomplishment of works in cost effectively.

We execute always with grace and neat. Our users’ friendly approach and intelligent execution varied strengthening measures including under-pinning and retrofitting have proved invaluable.

We exhibit that what we execute everything is accurate right in first effort and to the advantage of our beloved Clients. Our goal is to achieve zero incident and zero accident to promote safety.


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