Industrial Construction

India based company with core competency in new construction of Industrial structures

Industrial Construction

Struct-Mast Engineers is Mumbai, India based company with core competency in new construction of Industrial structures and experience more than three decades.  Our goal is to achieve and sustain leadership positions in the construction industry, thus creating value for our customers and employees in addition to this our strategy is strive hard to help solve some of the most pressing challenges construction industry by updating our knowledge and techniques with a sole aim to strengthen the company’s prestige and earning power.  With help of our associates in material development and research scholars we find solutions to challenging problems in construction sector and offer innovative techniques to benefit our customers.  Our Construction businesses hold leading positions in innovation- driven growth markets. Simultaneously we observe sustainable construction in most safe way and together they make up a strong, attractive and balanced portfolio offering a solution with perfect blend of Quality & Progress.

We have been partnering with our Clients who are leading organization from Power Sector, Refinery Sector and Engineering sector.  Our efforts to provide our Clients with value-added construction services by creating a successful interaction with them throughout the construction process to deliver the project as scheduled and within budgeted cost with never failing quality achieved always.

Our reliability and consistency in ensuring good performance in demanding situations has established long-lasting relationships with our customers.  Our performance is not by single individual but it is the team members who performs exceptionally beyond the customers’ satisfaction and expectations as a true ambassador of our company.   Our management is cautious and crafts our program and training of our employees with an honest and helpful working environment, where every employee individually and collectively, can dedicate themselves to providing our customers with exceptional workmanship, extraordinary service, and professional integrity.

Our capability to amalgamate with other service provider employed by our Customers and our genuine capacity to provide allied services namely various finishing items of works in civil sector, paintings, coatings, HVAC, electrification, false floors, false ceilings, sanitary, plumbing works, installations of machines and equipment, fire protections, cathodic protection, landscaping and horticulture has ensured in time completion of the project which our customers will vouch for us.

We assist the Clients through many stages of projects development, providing updates about sustainability goals throughout design development, construction, and operations.

Responding to customer needs year after year, we have added service locations and developed a range of services with a quality that is recognized as second to none.

Our customers see us as a solution driven partner in avoiding revenue loss when the unexpected occurs in most flexible, timely & cost effective style to best of their satisfaction.


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