High Rise Towers

Execute the work with diligence and cost effectively

High Rise Towers

Deterioration of concrete structures in tower buildings are a challenge for the owners and failure to maintain and repair will prove catastrophic and legally binding.  Struct-Mast Engineers have stepped in to assist Owners to identify these defects on time, and plan appropriate repair strategies and execute the work with diligence and cost effectively. At Struct-Mast Engineers we have perfected our techniques in most scientific way with art to execute restoration works of tower building and to restore the dilapidated building into usable, people-friendly property. To achieve the workmanship next to perfection and in most safe manner, Struct-Mast Engineers has developed sliding moving platform in 1989 to repair external facade is proof of our zeal to exercise our creative, technically focused nature.

We have a team of experienced experts who can address all aspects of an exterior assignment, from initial survey to interpretation of defects right up to the final restoration. Mr. Jayant Sheth who is team leader and having studied civil engineering and specialization in structure from IIT (Bombay) with this educational background has assisted him in developing and expanding his business to the advantage of the Clients.

We say proudly and admit that the company’s growth and success is not the result of the efforts of any one individual, but to the collective skills of the team what we have gathered and they are partners in the work.

Looking after our clients properly, including keeping an eye on the quality and the fine details, are more important to us then growing the company larger than it currently is. We won’t have growth for growth’s sake alone.

We have carried out several prestigious projects of high-rise towers. If you desire to get more details about our clients please contact us which will get prompt attention from us. To make restoration works environmental friendly we control dust escaping to atmosphere using proprietary tailor made access systems to approach the building facade. Struct-Mast Engineers always insist on use of environmental friendly paint and other coatings do not emit hazardous vapors, we select construction chemicals which augments reduction in cement consumption and use cement substitutes without losing the strength and durability of the rendered surface etc. Our Clients will vouch for us for completion of various projects which have been credited for their quality execution, matching progress and safety adherence.

Our expert team and our endeavor to offer tailor made solutions are results of our skill in developing innovative concepts for our Clients to successful accomplishment of works in cost effectively.

We execute always with grace and neat. Our users’ friendly approach and intelligent execution varied strengthening measures including under-pinning and retrofitting have proved invaluable.

We exhibit that what we execute everything is accurate right in first effort and to the advantage of our beloved Clients. Our goal is to achieve zero incident and zero accident to promote safety.


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