Grouting Works

Grouting to improve the response of the sub-soil

Grouting Works

groutingStruct-Mast Engineers started his voyage about three decades back in undertaking grouting works in Geotechnical Engineering as per something based on a request from the Clients as per standard engineering practices, as we gained more experience our expert and experience engineers innovated the apt mechanism and systemize it and achieved its success to its ability to turn science and technology into something tangible and useful to the society at large. We have taken up numbers of projects in grouting to improve the response of the sub-soil and is applied in creating various structures, other infrastructures and equipment, which make human lives safe, convenient, cost effective and with a desire to improve better living. Struct-Mast Engineers continues to develop its systems, using innovative approach, sound technology and science to boost sustainable engineering which has minimal environmental impact and good workmanship to play a lead role. 

To pursue this, Struct-Mast Engineers believes to encourage strong partnership with the Clients from the beginning to understand their issues and then evaluate how to attain the higher benefit for the Clients.

To remain in the primary race as a leader and to offer the Clients with complete solutions in grouting works, we have mastered the use of Polymers and we use Polymers as engineering materials to improve the properties of grout that changes critical properties, saving in costs, improving safety, and reduces uncertainty depending on the exact use. In general the important property we modify are mechanical, weathering, permeability, flammability and thermal conductivity properties. Our solutions offered are appropriate from the beginning of the projects to name them are ground treatment of fissured rock or soils, tunnel support and enhancing service life of underground structures, grouting of heavily fractured ground, ground consolidation using foaming and non-foaming injection resins for stability, providing multiple anchors using cementations material including micro-fines cement to strengthen as ground supports system.

Flooding and collapses can have catastrophic consequences to project cost, the environment and safety of workers.  We can offer our Clients pre and post injections of micro-fine cements, acrylic gels and grouts, polyurethanes grouts to prevent seepage of water and to consolidate weak and fractured rock.

Struct-Mast Engineers’ expert engineers travels beyond contract terms to understand your processes and needs by interacting directly with the Clients to achieve what the Clients strive for.

We offer broad services to support the Clients on site from the onset of site trials, through testing and for the most desired training to the Clients team to get consistent specifications customized to project.

We Struct-Mast Engineers take pride to offer the clients an edge over others by offering apt solutions with the highest level of performance, security and safety and provides audits and assessment.

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