Ground Improvements

Creating emerging trends in ground improvement techniques

Ground Improvements

ground-improvementsIndia is developing nation housing second largest population in the world. Industrialization is the key to sustain the growth story of India. Industrialization has led to urbanization and has therefore induced life style changes, giving rise to new infrastructure projects leading to increase Geo-technical engineering projects creating emerging trends in ground improvement techniques as useful land is at scarce. For three decades Struct-Mast Engineers have used sand-wick piles and preloading method to consolidate soft and cohesive soil.

Our active pursuit to improve properties of soil to improve the load transfer for infrastructure, buildings, bridges, roadways railways etc. modern technology in ground improvement is practiced for removal and replacement, pre-compression, vertical drains, in-situ densification, grouting, stabilization using admixtures and reinforcement. We use various methods for ground improvements techniques namely reinforcing the soil with materials like steel, stainless steel, aluminum, fibers, fiber glass, nylon, polyester, polyamides in the form of other strips or grids and Geotextiles to improve its stability, increasing its bearing capacity and reduce Settlements and Lateral deformations. Our experts have designed to provide effective confinement of the granular fill by geo-grids resulting in a stiff mechanically stabilized layer, reducing road fill depths and capable of controlling differential settlement affecting reduction in road fill depths, capping weak deposits and increasing bearing capacity, all merging to reduction in the costs.  Combination of correct selection of ground improvement techniques enables Struct-Mast Engineers to improve continual ability to address customer-specific needs by delivering works and services that meet the quality, safety, and price aspirations of its customers without compromising on the specifications of the works.


We offer following types of techniques:

  • Stone column
  • Vibro compaction
  • Sand-wick pile and preloading
  • Micro-piles  Grouting

Why us:

  • Our equipment are compact can be accommodated in congested areas or areas with low heights.
  • We are flexible to modify the techniques to suit the Clients’ design and purpose.
  • Our techniques curbs the noise pollution.
  • Our techniques does not harm adjacent structures.

Struct-Mast Engineers employ current state of the art analysis, testing technology, method statement to offer the Clients with reliable expert information and quality works to their best satisfaction.

We provide extensive services for residential, commercial and Industrial building foundations, pipe lines, railway tracks, highway, bridge embankment, site development and many more to do ground improvements.

Our engineers take pride to offer apt solutions with the highest level of performance, security and safety with extensive Geo-technical background and experience in ground improvement techniques.

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