Field Tests

Offer explorations field tests in geo-technical engineering

Field Tests

Struct-Mast Engineers started their journey about three decades back to offer explorations Field tests in Geo-technical Engineering as per standard test based on a request from the Clients of repute for their variety of important projects as per standard engineering practices.  We learned more with exploring the earth, its nature, its unpredictable formations and behavior and advanced our knowledge as we gained better experience.  Our experts and experienced engineers could offer better solutions for earth’s complexities and successful attempts every time carved its own ability to convert and interpret science and technology into something tangible and useful to the society at large. We have assisted and executed various projects in estimating the capacity of subsoil strata and planned its improvement to get better response of the sub-soil and is applied in creating various structures of residential, commercial and Industrial buildings, , other infrastructures structures including highways, sewerage projects, pipe lines and irrigation projects, Heavy Industrial projects of power plant, cement plants, refineries and other major plants.  To pursue this, Struct-Mast Engineers believes to encourage strong partnership with the Clients from the beginning to understand their issues and then evaluate how to attain the higher benefit for the Clients.

We offer following tests:

  • Dynamic Cone Penetration Test (DCPT)  
  • Pressure Meter Tests
  • In-situ Permeability Test
  • Plate Load Test  
  • Pull Out Test For Pile
  • Static Cone Penetration Test (SCPT)  
  • Seismic Refraction Test
  • Electrical Resistivity Test 
  • Field Thermal Conductivity 
  • And More Tests
  • California Bearing Test  
  • Field CBR Tests   
  • Field Vane Shear Test
  • Resistivity Test    
  • California Bearing Test
  • Block Vibration Tests
  • Percolation Test 
  • Piezometer Test

We ensure that our Clients are satisfied with the works who will vouch for Struct-Mast Engineers for high performance through team work. We are known for offering practical and viable solutions.

We are well-known for cost effective and timely solutions with highest level of professionalism. We employ most modern techniques and work as per accepted engineering codes and standard practices.

We strive hard to achieve continual improvement in our entire filed of activities and Quality Management System to put the Clients’ interest first to provide them the best services among all.


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