Facade Works

Turning a vision into realities which the façade architects

Facade Works

Struct-Mast Engineers takes a pride in turning a vision into realities which the façade Architects has carved out for the Clients. Our concentrated efforts are the mile stones of projects exhibiting progressive design elements and cutting edge engineering solutions. We understand the curve surfaces better as it allows freedom of form that allows unique identity to the structure and connects in unison with different distinct programmatic elements.  Struct-Mast Engineers can face material challenge as our trained staff and dedicated engineers are the backbone of the Company who have mastered the Science with art as the curves and supporting frame members along with curtain wall elements needed to perform in more prosaic terms to perform under expected wind and seismic load and the entire work is sincerely taken up with strictest QA/QC checks.

We offer following form of facade works:

  • Reinforced concrete, Steel frame structures, composite beams and decks we use for main load bearing members.
  • The special steel tubes for space frame structures with nodes systems.
  • Custom made Glass fiber reinforced plastic material for obtaining curves, strength and getting dirt repellent properties for the facade.
  • Cladding material is selected which are UV resistance and having light selectivity.
  • We use glass reinforced mats and fibers white cement concrete for thin elements which are moldable.
  • We work with the modular, prefabricated curtain-wall known as unitized systems which are lightweight, thin aluminum and glass systems.

To offer Eco-friendly facade for us is raising energy efficiency, use of recycled, recyclable and non-toxic materials to build facade. Work efficiently to reduce waste and low in maintenance.

Our expert engineers evolve engineering scheme to find solution for most pressing problems to use and develop the engineering capabilities to address global challenges as responsible company.

Struct-Mast Engineers has mastered Facade Engineering as the art and science of resolving aesthetic, environmental and structural issues to achieve the effective enclosure of buildings.


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