Emergency Repairs & Replacement

Fabrication & erection of steel  structures

Fabrication & Erection Of Steel Structures

Struct-Mast Engineers is one stop fabrication & erection of steel structures specialist service provider to offer tailor made solutions in demanding solutions for emergency repairs and replacement of damaged elements / members of structures and girders and other steel structures.  We offer our services to procure material, apt strengthening engineering details, execute fabrication and erection.  We feel proud to restore and strengthen the structure to its original performance with apt and cost effectively.  With top-of-the-line equipment, engineering team mates, our well experienced and focused team of welders, skilled artisans takes pride to their strides to provide supporting schemes, execute the work with workmanship next to perfection with matching progress to live up to our reputation for getting the job done right.We interact and listen to our Clients well to establish fruitful directions to deliver work and then we respond. We invite all the stack holders and other agencies to deliberate and bring out the crux of the matter to make the project simpler which has helped us to put the Client on the advantageous conditions.


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