Synonyms with bridge repairs of professional quality 


Struct-Mast Engineers is synonyms with bridge repairs of professional quality covering every repairs required for foundation, changing bearing, girder, diaphragm, abutment, deck, railings and other structures. We realize complex nature of the bridge repairs and dedicate all our efforts, care and attention to ensure that each project delivered after repairs is free from any lacuna that can lead to mishap of structural member of the bridge structures and rendering works carried out is to the best satisfaction of our beloved Clients. For more than 35 years now we have been pursuing the know-how, innovative skill and sheer competence of our team of engineers and artisan in order specifically to provide customers with the assured progress of work, quality of work they long and within their budgeted cost. We regard client satisfaction as the primary benchmark of our success.

In order to provide a leadership and visibility into the future demand for repairs, strengthening and restoration works of Bridge structures, Struct-Mast Engineers has setup a team of expert engineers who first diagnosis the functional / structural deterioration of bridge to define damage and reason for the damage. Work out a method statement most suitable for the bridge and assist the consultants and the Clients to converge to the repair strategy and execute the work.

Inadequate design, bad detailing, poor workmanship, substandard material, abuses inflicted and environmental factor  are few of prime reasons why bridge elements requires choicest repairs. We have carried out several prestigious projects of major repairs of bridge structures. If you desire to get more details about our clients please contact us which will get prompt attention from us. To get workmanship next to perfection, we use sliding moving platforms to repair underside of deck and girders that allows traffic unhindered over the bridge and controls escaping of dust in surroundings.  To reduce carbon foot print we rigorously devoted ourselves to change in culture and mind-set about structural strengthening, prolonging life and useful performance of existing structures which has proved valuable in the repair sector of civil engineering.  The feat is achieved by efficiency improvements at every stage of work, lowering the wastage, using apt technologies with plant upgrades and modifications necessary to implement these technologies. Struct-Mast Engineers always insist on use of environmental friendly paint and other coatings which do not emit hazardous vapors, we select construction chemicals which augments reduction in cement consumption and use cement substitutes without losing the strength and durability of the rendered surface etc. Our Clients will vouch for us for completion of various projects which have been credited for their quality execution, matching progress and safety adherence.

Our expert team constantly pursue innovative approach for successful execution of works cost effectively and keep a step ahead of others and thus the creation of true added value for our customers.

We evolve system to facilitate easier application under difficult weather conditions, improved resource efficiency and, not least, greater occupational safety to achieve zero incident at site.

Quality and customer focus headline the principles on which our business is based. Our workmanship and use of correct building material, construction chemical and use of NDT ensures durable repairs. of the highest quality.


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