Bridge Girder Shuttering

Compatible design of bridge girder shuttering for innovative, reliable construction solutions  construction

Bridge Girder Shuttering

Bridge construction is at the heart of Struct-Mast Engineers’ experience and expertise in providing innovative, reliable solutions and acting as a specialist partner to owners and contractors. Our design of shuttering is compatible to the method of construction and takes into account with bridge design and few factors which we give careful considerations are but are not limited to

(a) economy of construction,
(b) availability and cost of local resources,
(c) environmental issues (such as traffic and protected areas),
(e) the geography of the landscape,
(f) the ground bearing capacity and quality,
(g) geometry of the bridge,
(h) loading and
(i) planned service life.

We are committed to provide full support during the execution of the project and offer a flexible contracting approach and strong local partner with expertise in maintenance of the bridge.

We are a team of specialists capable of rapid mobilization for any fast-track and/or complex project and committed to providing practical and effective onsite support to customers.

Our designs aim to reduce the amount of waste material, minimize the social impact of congestion caused by construction, and cost less per year of service over the life of the bridge.


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