Alterations of Structural Members

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Alterations of Structural Members

The desire of the Clients for an alteration of the structural member is to carry out structural changes to load bearing elements without loss of capacity and improving the system as a whole. Any action in this direction may involve cutting portions of the elements and rebuilding them or simply adding more structural material so that the original strength is more or less restored which is an art and same we have achieved aptly. Struct-Mast Engineers has expertise developed to undertake such works genuinely right from the scratch where others would not participate but we will go out in full force to give the Clients a cost effective solution.  The process may involve inserting temporary supports, underpinning, etc. and all this ingredients shapes the performance of the altered members and our apt approach have successfully executed works in past in par excellence. Where structural alterations are considered necessary, we execute the works prior to or simultaneously with the architectural repairs so that total planning of work could be done in a coordinated manner and wastage is avoided.

Our ability to focus on the extent of the alterations / modifications is determined by the general principles and tailor made design methods and is not limited to increasing the strength of members that have been damaged,but we consider the overall behavior of the structure.

Commonly,strengthening procedures are aimed atone or more of the following objectives: underpin

  • Increasing the lateral strength in one or both directions by suitable systems;
  • Establishing a connection between modified members and competent members;
  • Eliminating features that are sources of weakness or produce concentrations of stresses;
  • Asymmetrical plan distribution of resisting members, abrupt changes of stiffness from one floor to the other, concentration of large masses, large openings in walls without a proper stiffening measures;
  • Avoiding the possibility of brittle modes of failure by proper reinforcement and connection of resisting members. Since its cost may go to as high as 50 to 60% of the cost of rebuilding, the justification of such strengthening must be fully considered.
  • Selection of repair material and techniques;

Word of caution:

If the experts service provider is not retained for the alteration works of structural members you are prone to risk following for which you may be jailed.

  • Catastrophic failure can occur due to lack of derivation of support the load or replace member lacks strength.
  • Poor workmanship or inadequate design can bring instability that arises over a time under normal loading conditions.
  • Manufacturing errors in form of selection of material, incorrect sizing, not as per the designs, improperly manufactured material, defective material or damaged material can initiate unpredictable failure.
  • Vandalism, sabotage or abused of structure are potential source of failures.

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