Environmental Health Policy

Sustainable development leading to the Green Building movement in India

Environmental Health Policy

As India has taken a big leap towards development of infrastructure, we as Struct-Mast Engineers would comply to strict observance of our acts for preserving of the environmental and more towards sustainable development leading to the Green Building movement in India wherein we will endeavor to seek ways of constructing and maintaining building to decrease energy and water usage. Lower the costs, improve the efficiency and durability of all parts, systems and services of the building systems and lower the burden that building impose on the environment and public health.


We insist and maintain consistent focus on technology, asset integrity process improvements, cost reductions and EHS aspects at planning and operation levels.


  • Comply with all applicable legislation and other requirements.
  • Ensure effective management of energy and resources.

Mitigation of Risk:

  • Institutionalize: Employ effective risk assessment methodologies, pollution preventive measures, waste management exercise and behaviors.
  • Responsiveness: Implement an effective response plan for foreseeable potential emergency situations.
  • Fact finding: Ensure effective audit process management. Periodically review the effectiveness, sufficiency and accuracy of our integrated management system and policy to oblige continual improvement in an audit able manner.
  • Awareness: We shall communicate this policy to all persons working for or on behalf of our organization and encouraging their participation.

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