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Estimation & assessment


Projects have to undergo, negotiate many intricate and complex routes involving compliance with technical and statutory fulfillment. Each of them involves many uncertainties and difficult turns needs special efforts and know how to achieve targets. The safety measures, ecological balance and occupational hazards are well understood and better conceived by Struct-Mast Engineers. More details refer page “SAFETY POLICY”, “ENVIRONMENTAL OCCUPATIONAL & HEALTH POLICY”.

We are favored choice of our customers, owing to list of factors namely state of the art facility, regular quality checks, experienced and dedicated team members, customization facilities, utmost customer satisfaction and many more We, Struct-Mast Engineers offer dedicated and decades of expertise in following arena.

Estimation and Assessment:

Estimation and assessment is one of the core processes in major repairs works wherein very few experienced hand is available. It extends to any type of contracts like item rate tender, cost plus and lump sum. It resides with the specialist to prepare estimate based on the knowledge and information what he posses. Others are not able to access the history of information quickly and with ease what Struct-Mast Engineers can help the customer. Struct-Mast Engineers have developed templates to help reviewer to review the estimate. The dependence on individuals, improper planning and missing costs lead to inaccurate estimates and budget escalations during estimation. Struct-Mast Engineers with its alliance partners provides estimation solution which covers all scenarios of estimation and tendering.

New Construction & Engineering works:

Within tightly constrained world we, Struct-Mast Engineers offers perhaps the best engineering contribution that the situation allowed in respect of material, efficiency of operations and quality of construction. A fine balance in rationale guides us to venture out in uncertain terrain. Evolving adaptability unlocks new pathways and the method of statement definitely proves radical enough to transform the result. We strive hard to help our customers to achieve better product and apt solutions. We interact with the Client for their input and have continuous dialogue with the consultants, manufacturer, field personnel, and provide cherished resources and support necessary to bring valuable and timely solutions to puzzling problems.

Major Repairs / Restoration works:

To add to above, we at Struct-Mast Engineers we adopt user’s friendly systems of access in the form of scaffolds and understand better that structures / buildings have to be repaired while occupants occupy the structures/building. We create special pathways and protective umbrellas in most tidy manner in case need arise to facilitate movements of men and material. We adopt innovative technique to help the customer in restoration of structure in most innovative methods leading to cost reductions, improved quality and in most safe manner. For more details refer page “PIONEERING WORKS” and “APT ENGINEERING SOLUTION”. We keep up-to date house keeping reducing nuisance to the users of the building.

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